Lambda Physiques works with every type of client, from the average person looking to lose weight or add muscle mass, to competitive bodybuilders in the amateur class all the way to the pro level. You can become one of our transformations too.
Fitness & Nutrition Coaching

  • STARTING DATE: September 2016
    STARTING WEIGHT:  114 lbs

  • PROGRESS DATE: May 2018
    PROGRESS WEIGHT: 125 lbs

  • STARTING DATE: February 2018
    STARTING WEIGHT: 165 lbs

  • PROGRESS DATE: January 2019
    PROGRESS WEIGHT: 155 lbs

fit and healthy life
  • STARTING DATE: November 2018
    STARTING WEIGHT: 129 lbs

  • PROGRESS DATE: March 2019
    PROGRESS WEIGHT: 137.5 lbs

Fitness & Nutrition Coaching
  • STARTING DATE: January 2018
    STARTING WEIGHT: 205 lbs

  • PROGRESS DATE: November 2018
    PROGRESS WEIGHT: 175 lbs

  • STARTING DATE: April 2017
    STARTING WEIGHT: 197 lbs

  • PROGRESS DATE: September 2017
    PROGRESS WEIGHT: 158 lbs

Fitness & Nutrition Coaching
  • STARTING DATE: October 2018
    STARTING WEIGHT: 184 lbs
  • PROGRESS DATE: February 2019
    PROGRESS WEIGHT: 163 lbs

More Than Just Fitness & Nutrition Coaching

Fitness & Nutrition Coaching

Here at Lambda Physiques, we like to go a step further than just Fitness and Nutritional coaching, its making fitness work with your life, solving day to day problems with eating when events pop up, we teach you how to cope with the unexpected and how to plan ahead so you can continue to reach your goals while living life!

“Do what others won’t, to achieve what others can’t”



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