Do You Track or Not?

Everyone has their own opinion on this one, but in the spirit of what we stand for believing fitness needs to compliment your life, not dictate it we believe in not counting “most of the time.”  What is the exception to this? When a client is in contest prep and getting close to their show or maybe running behind a bit, then those times count, plan ahead and accept your goal is more significant than that one meal although this doesn’t mean you can’t join in on the festivities, you just do so in other ways. Special Holidays Diet Tips.

For the average person though with a bit of planning and learning what moderation really is, there will be no reason to not put tracking behind you for the day and just get back on track the following day.


Preparing For The Occasion

There are lots of ways to prepare for the holidays, and everyone will have a different outlook on how best to prepare for it all, but if you are working with a coach its best to ask how they want you to plan things out ahead of time.  The longer we work with a client, the better we know their tendencies. For some people, we need to plan further ahead whereas for others we can just let them have that day and they won’t create damage.  With that being said, there is no one answer for everyone.

A good rule of thumb to try is, 3 days prior: cut down carbs by 10-25 grams per day, fats by 5-10 grams each day and if you need a bit more throw in an additional 400 calories of MISS cardio for that week “don’t kill yourself with extra cardio it won’t do the job”.  On top of the directions already suggested, On the day you will not be tracking, fast in the morning until lunch or later if possible, then keep your first meal light with lean protein, fibrous carbs and limit fats as close to zero as possible. For example salad with chicken, egg white omelet with veggies. Special Holidays Diet Tips


Dinner Time

The time has come, the food is out, drinks are pouring how do you choose what to have? Well if you aren’t new to tracking, you will know when you are going from practicing moderation to not but follow these few simple rules to help limit the damage. First, serve 1/3 of your plate with protein, whether it’s turkey, ham or roast beef “if it’s roast beef take it a bit easier” second, the next 1/3 stick to veggies and if I have to say it the “healthy stuff”, now this leaves you with 1/3 left to do with as you please, the fun stuff you’ve been missing out on, like your favorite dishes from your childhood.



For many having a few drinks with family and friends is a big part of the festivities, and this again is where moderation comes in, some people are content with one drink, for others, it’s two or three through the night. Whatever you choose just be willing to give a little here to take little there and balance your night out.



To Sum It Up

In the end, every person will make their own choices when the time comes, some will make the plan and stick to it where others will just say f#@k it and dive face-first into the bowl of stuffing. What I can say though, is as long as you practice moderation and are aware of your choices, you can still sneak in some dessert while walking away still on track for the week.