About Lambda Physiques Gym

We are here to motivate; inspire and help you achieve your vision of the best version of yourself. Whether your goal is one that will take a few weeks, a few months or longer, we strive to ensure you reach that goal and grow as a person. There is no right or wrong in any personal fitness journey, providing that you learn from your experiences, grow as a person and continue to better yourself as time goes on. That is the true definition of a lifestyle change. Not everyone has the goal to be big and ripped. physiques gym.

Some people just want to lose that extra weight to feel confident again and others want to take their physique to the next level. We make sure that each program and approach is tailored to the individual and as we get to know each client better that approach evolves and changes over time.

Lambda Physiques isn’t just bodybuilding its life-building. 


Everyone struggles, its what we do when we struggle that defines us. At times like this will you give up? or will you push harder?  We are here to motivate, encourage, support and push you when that internal motivation starts to fail, when you run into those life roadblocks that would have prevented you from succeeding in the past.  We will keep you moving in the right direction until you attain your own definition of success.


“When the whole world is silent, even one voice becomes powerful.” — Malala Yousafzai.  What does it take to inspire someone? some times it’s just a simple word, a quote, seeing someone you respect succeed or a simple reminder you can do this.  Each and every person has their own form of inspiration and working together we will find what inspires you and teach you to be your own inspiration!


Everyone’s lives have become busy, stressful, no one has enough time in their days, weeks, months to handle every challenge life throws at them but together we can help you achieve the life changes you are looking for. Whether it find a better relationship with food, how to live a healthier lifestyle, lose a little fat, gain some muscle or to step on stage for the first time, we are here to make that achievement possible.


  • STARTING DATE: August 2018
    STARTING WEIGHT:  109 lbs

  • PROGRESS DATE: January 2019
    PROGRESS WEIGHT: 120 lbs

physiques gym
  • STARTING DATE: October 2016
    STARTING WEIGHT: 188 lbs

  • PROGRESS DATE: June 2017
    PROGRESS WEIGHT: 144 lbs

  • STARTING DATE: August 2018
    STARTING WEIGHT: 131 lbs

  • PROGRESS DATE: December 2018
    PROGRESS WEIGHT: 113 lbs

  • STARTING DATE: September 2014
    STARTING WEIGHT: 270 lbs

  • PROGRESS DATE: April 2018
    PROGRESS WEIGHT: 190 lbs

  • STARTING DATE: Aug 2017
    STARTING WEIGHT:  120 lbs

  • PROGRESS DATE: September 2017
    PROGRESS WEIGHT: 110 lbs

Fitness & Nutrition Coaching
  • STARTING DATE: April 2017
    STARTING WEIGHT: 187 lbs

  • PROGRESS DATE: April 2018
    PROGRESS WEIGHT: 185 lbs