“strengthening of my own mind and knowing how far I can push myself”

For many of us, the initial reason we get into lifting weights or bodybuilding is that we are unhappy. We are unhappy with our eating habits, unhappy with how we look or feel, and unhappy with the poor mental state that comes with an undisciplined lifestyle.
Sick of being sick and tired is the phrase I like to use.

For me, this was the case. But I also thought, naively,

that once I got a lean and strong body I would finally be happy, and that I’d be able to walk into a room and get the hottest girl there, that I could conquer anything and everything. So for the reasons mentioned and for accountability, I decided to hire a coach. And I stumbled upon Cam and Lambda Physique Concepts via Frank Yangs videos years ago in college. I worked with him and had gotten good results.

Fast forward a couple of years and those habits are gone. Coincidentally, I receive a message out of the blue from Cam, simply asking how things were. This is a detail I’d like to point out that from a business standpoint and a personal standpoint is very important. The remembrance of a client and the care for them is shown time and again to be a top priority for Cam. Anyway, I update him on what’s been happening recently in my life and we decide to work together again as I fell back into my bad habits.

That was 6 months ago, and now I can confidently say that this time around, I’ve learned so much on this cut/body recomp. I’ve gotten some of the best results physically in a very long time. What many people, including myself, don’t realize when they start working seriously with a coach is that not much changes. You milk the most out of the macros given, you stick to the exercise program, maybe there’s a tweak here or there every couple of months but that’s it. So, it’s essentially you versus your own mind and time in the bodybuilding game. You must be patient and disciplined. I had gone through so many ups and downs, wanted to quit, wanted to binge eat, wanted to skip a workout and lie in bed. But I didn’t. And this where Cam shines. His attention to even the minutiae detail makes him great. The fact that he keeps you accountable by tracking everything and sending in weekly email updates instills good habits for you. His precision at seeing where your body is at and where it will go in the next week is very sharp. Trust me when I say he knows where your body is at better than you.

Going deep into a cut for six months takes its toll, and I expressed this to Cam a few times, even cheated a couple of times, but his care for you and understanding the balance of living your life with events like the holidays is again what sets him apart from other coaches. You become part of the family with Cam and LPC. He helped me achieve my initial goals, but the most important thing he has helped me with is the strengthening of my own mind and knowing how far I can push myself safely. And the funny thing is that, that happiness I mentioned, in the beginning, doesn’t come from the end result, it comes from the structure and daily grind of disciplining yourself to be the best version of yourself. And this carries over to every other facet of your life. This is what Cam gives you when you work with him.

Thank you, Cam and LPC.

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Nick Kokkales

“you would be hard pressed to find a more professional and competent coach”

I am a 48-year-old Australian living, working, playing and (obviously) training in the Middle East.

I first started weight training as a teenager and continued the habit, on and off, since that time.  I never really paid any attention to my diet from a bodybuilding perspective but rather used the training as stress relief.  I’d just go to the gym and lift weights for an hour without any real purpose.

At the age of 42, I had both knee’s reconstructed. Over two years worth of therapy and rehabilitation followed the surgery.  

At the end of this period, I was overweight with very little muscle mass or general fitness.  

At this point, I’d realized that I had previously spent countless hours and energy on training.  I thought to myself, ‘why not use a trainer to maximize my results?’.

When I was finally told, “you’re cleared for unrestricted training, go for it!” I had already hired my first coach.  Although we got the job done, I was hardly impressed with the demeanour and the almost narcissistic way in which this individual coached.  I was happy with the results but not in the way we got there.

After an aggressive 30 week, 60+lb cut I decided to go on my own for a while and regroup before the ensuing bulk.  I couldn’t predict the macros or training regime needed to reverse from 6-8% body fat, so the levels started to rise and in the end, I realized I needed help.  I already had Cameron’s details from a few online sources so I sent him an email.  From that very first interaction, I realized Cameron was a much better fit for what I was trying to achieve – not to get in and stay in near contest shape but to merely maximize my training without any crazy time restraints or pressures.

The brief was simple enough – to steadily put as much mass as possible onto my frame before I hit 50.  I want and need to be able to take a week or two off here and there to enjoy life – holidays etc and Cameron is more than happy to accommodate these types of requests.  

I’ve been training with Cameron for three years now. 

If Cameron has taught me one thing it is this: – consistency is king!!!!!

We continue to work together as a team to realize my goals in the most efficient manner possible. 

At the end of the day, you would be hard pressed to find a more professional and competent coach.

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Anthony N

“I was injured, burnt out, hated food, got extreme anxiety at the idea of taking my shirt off anywhere”

So this is a bit of a story of a low point in my life when it came to bodybuilding and the changes since then. I’ve always considered myself very disciplined about the sport, trying to constantly push myself, learn new things or simply give it my all. So seeing these pictures you’re probably assuming I just completely fell off the wagon in the before pictures from November. That couldn’t be further from the truth…I was training my ass off, trying to push through injuries, forcing calories through countless amount of carb shakes because again, I believed I needed to do what it takes. My own pitfall was pushing things mindlessly

and putting complete trust into a coach who I thought had my best interest at heart but I won’t name names. Coach told me to jump, I would only say “how high?” I kept telling myself to trust the process, through training I hated which was purely strength-based and low volume since my coach believed that heavy compounds were the only way to build size. (Don’t get me wrong, I think strength and compound lifts are great and have a place in a bodybuilding program. Although not to the extent you’re burned out and constantly battling injuries with a primary focus on the numbers instead of the contraction.)

I was injured, burnt out, hated food, got extreme anxiety at the idea of taking my shirt off anywhere and it simply perpetuated the body image issues I had that every person faces and probably more so in the physical culture community. I rationally knew things weren’t right, I had a ton of my own lifting experience, a formal education in kinesiology and had read countless articles and taken a ton of additional courses because I love to learn about it all. Contrary to this though, I also know I’ve only scratched the surface for knowledge and a coach is a very beneficial tool for any level of athlete assuming they have your interest at heart.

During this time, I had several friends telling me to trust my gut, one friend in particular who said for lack of a better term “screw him, cut and change your training, do what works and what you enjoy.” Finally, the tipping point happened when after minimal contact with my coach, sub-par replies when he did contact me back with a pile of excuses as to his negligence, he finally skipped town leaving all his clients high and dry…as a client and student myself, I was out over 1500$. For no one’s fault but my own, I paid far in advance as I knew down the road I’d still be doing this and the investment was worth it. At this time, that one friend reached out to me and told me he also was offering coaching, not once did he solicit his services to me due to his morals and ethics when it came to poaching clients. I respect him for that a ton, but screw that bastard’s morals, he should have offered them sooner because then I would have been shredded sooner! Haha…but moreover he also knew the financial hole this created and gave me 3 months of free coaching that to this day I appreciate endlessly. He’s helped me with more things than just training, through everything, I consider him one of my best friends and family at this point.

After starting with him, instead of slowly growing a sense of self-doubt and constantly saying to myself to simply trust the process and blindly following the tutelage of a coach, I felt the opposite…I hesitantly was gaining my confidence back as my physique slowly improved, injuries diminished and I was encouraged to give feedback as to what works for me. It was nice not only thinking that things were going to workout (no pun intended) but that I could actually see things working. Slowly my other friends and family members started seeing changes which only motivated me further. I went from hating food to enjoying it, I went from a crippling fear of taking my shirt off to taking my shirt off and trying to find that perfect lighting. The changes you see in this picture were more mental than physical as corny as that sounds and involved a ton of hard work, but just because it was hard doesn’t mean I didn’t enjoy every moment about it. The point of this is to always remember that you need to enjoy what you’re doing to succeed in something. Secondly, that it’s important to put your trust in people and keep an open-mind but be able to distinguish that from blind faith. Lastly, at the end of the day, it’s never too late to change, as crappy as things may seem at that time or how dark they may appear, as long as there is a will, there is a way.

I just want to thank everyone who’s been supportive and especially thank the friend and secondly coach who’s helped me from that point. Cam Lam

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Mike Edgar

“While his knowledge of the game is top notch, it is his emotional connection to his clients that took my physique to the next level”

In the years that I’ve been in the strength and conditioning scene, I’ve worked with 5 online coaches. Cam Lam is by far the most personal, responsive, and genuine. While his knowledge of the game is top notch, it is his emotional connection to his clients that took my physique to the next level. He talks to you like a friend and trains his athletes as if they are the physical extension of himself. As his brain

contracts, so does my muscle fibers. As a life time natural lifter of 10 years, I was skeptical whether I could make any more gains, but Cam proved me wrong. Not only did he make me realize that “dirty bulking” while eating 8000 calorie was a waste of time, he had taught me how to deal with the eerie complexity of female hormones by assisting both my mom and my girlfriend to reach their fitness goals!
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Frank Yang

“He’s more than just someone you pay for a service he provides, he has become my friend, and truly a life coach”

Right after surgery I couldn’t train for 3 months and it was hard to stay motivated. Picture in the left, even though I didn’t want to take it, I knew I had to. I looked at myself and said, how the f@ck did I let myself get here? because I just ate and ate everything I saw in my country and them some more here.So once I was cleared to train, I told my coach

@lambdaphysiques: Cam, we need to get summer ready, but more than that, Hamptons ready so we did ( as you can see in the right picture) I quite honestly cannot lie to you when I say this man wouldn’t let me break. He’s more than just someone you pay for a service he provides, he has become my friend, and truly a life coach. He knows my body, what works for me but doesn’t, when my hormones are playing with me, when we need a break and also when we need to go hard. Now it’s time to get Miami ready[ Cam lmao.

Ps. Thank you for dealing with me, even though you say I’m not so bad, I know I’m hard to handle and deal with.

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Paola Montellese

“I learned a lot about fitness and bodybuilding and identified my past mistakes.”

I was coached by Cam from April 2016 to October 2016. Within these months I have seen more change in my body than all the 7 years I have been training prior to that. I always wanted to be coached in order to get a third objective viewpoint on my progress. By choosing Cam I did not only get that but so much more, I learned a lot about fitness and bodybuilding and identified my past mistakes. My most important lesson and the one I will keep using for

the rest of my life is the ability to maintain a long term food plan without being stressed. By learning how to correctly count the amounts of food I ate, I managed to eat almost everything, even in the last weeks of my cut. I definitely recommend Cam as a coach, even for people like me, who have no interest in competing but want to make a positive change in their life.
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Dimitris Tsapis

“His knowledge combined with his immeasurable dedication to his clients makes him an amazing coach and even more amazing friend”

I honestly do not know where I would be emotionally or physically right now if I had waited any longer to bring Cam into my world. At twenty years old I am at a point in my life where I am questioning everything; my friendships, academics, professional future. There has not been a day that has gone by where I have questioned my decision to

work with Cam. It is the only thing in my life right now that I have confidence in and know in my heart is right. He has gone above and beyond to help me in any way possible; whether that be advice on a personal level or giving me the extra motivation to put down a box of Oreos. He has never given up on me when I have come close to giving up on myself. His knowledge combined with his immeasurable dedication to his clients makes him an amazing coach and even more amazing friend.

In the thirteen weeks I have worked with Cam my physical changes have been beyond what I ever envisioned. Even more importantly, my emotional and spiritual wellness has drastically evolved. I will be working with Cam up until my very first show next year and hopefully for many after that. I cannot picture my life right now without his guidance, and I wouldn’t want to. I am eternally grateful for all of the positivity he has brought into my days. Words will never truly be able to describe the impact he has had on my life and the gratitude I have for him. I am beyond excited for what the future holds. Cam is changing my life. It isn’t something you can measure or weigh, let alone put into words.

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Lindsay Wood

“Cam is an expert in transforming your body and knows exactly what you need”

I’ve been working with Cam for almost 2 years now and signing up with him was the best decision I’ve ever made. I saw more progress with him in the first month than I did working out for a year on my own. Cam helped me with my first cut to get me tight and lean so that we could move on to a lean bulk, which we just completed.I’m now doing a mini cut and am excited to see what we’ve built!

Cam is an expert in transforming your body and knows exactly what you need. This is one of the beauties of having Cam as a coach, you can 100% focus on your training and pushing yourself while he takes care of the details to give you maximum results. 

One of the biggest differences with Cam and all the other coaches out there is that he genuinely cares about you and gives everyone the attention they deserve. With Cam, not only do you get a great coach, but you get a great friend as well. I highly recommend anyone looking for a serious, life-changing transformation, get in touch with Cam right away…you won’t regret it.

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Vicken J

“And that aspect of Cams coaching bar none sets him above the rest.”

I’ve worked with Cam for a very long time. In fact, I have sent many people his way of coaching. He is that good. The 9 months I worked with Cam before my show were simply amazing. Coming off of an injury, I was in the worst shape of my life.. Growing up I was always very fit and athletic and never had a problem with body fat. But an injury changed all of that. I had ruptured my Achilles tendon playing basketball, making the next year a very inactive year full of pain and recovery. Cam took me from a skinny fat 185 lbs to a very,

very lean 149 lbs at about 4% bodyfat for my first show. I used the show as my goal to help keep me motivated and it really gave me something to aim for. But without Cam’s guidance, it wouldn’t have been nearly as amazing. Cam answered every single question I had. I am a “why” guy, I always want to know why I am doing something and what its purpose is. I always received an answer quickly and the answer was always well explained. This made my journey even better because I wasn’t only reaching my goals, pushing my limits and growing as a person, I was also learning. And that aspect of Cams coaching bar none sets him above the rest. He doesn’t send his clients into a blind path, he helps you the whole way and he teaches you what you need to know so you understand why and what you are doing. I wouldn’t only recommend Cam for contest prep, my offseason/ reverse diet with him was also incredible as well as when I wasn’t ready for a competition and just needed a lifestyle coach, Cam stepped up and I’ve never once been disappointed. The progress pictures proves what good coaching can do, but you gotta want it. Give Cam your all and he will undoubtedly give you his.
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David Senter

“The attention to detail and the relationships he develops with his clients is unmatched.”

Health and fitness is one area that we can all relate to and it’s a road we’ve all been down. Whether you’ve tried to shed a couple of pounds right before a big event or even just tried breaking into a healthier lifestyle filled with healthy habits, it’s not easy and at times it seems almost impossible to reach the goals you’ve set for yourself. But with the right guidance, support, and knowledge you can go above and beyond your expectations, achieving far more than what you

knew you were capable of. That’s exactly what my coach, Joseph Christie, offers. The chance for you to finally succeed in your health and fitness endeavours. I was fortunate enough to know Joe before he started training me officially, and I can say he’s the same guy in and out of the gym, at work and at home. Joe is like a wizard, helping people all over the world transform their bodies efficiently and effectively with his knowledge in health and nutrition. What separates Mr. Christie from other online coaches though is his drive to help others better themselves. He goes the extra mile FOR his clients and wants nothing but the best, all while keeping an approachable, relaxed, and honest positive attitude. No two programs are the same, each diet and workout plan is specifically tailored according to your needs and goals. The attention to detail and the relationships he develops with his clients is unmatched. It doesn’t matter If your lifelong goal is as ambitious as competing in the Olympia and looking like Schwarzenegger or simply getting into better shape for your health, Joseph Christie will be there with you every step of the way. He’ll help you reach those goals taking you farther than you could ever imagine.
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Sam Kaping

“Some key points I personally took away from the experience were”

I signed up for Joe’s 8-week personal coaching. As someone that has been good about going to the gym and keeping my health in check for the past 4 years, I felt like I had been stagnating and plateauing too often with my workout routine. In order to gain a new perspective and get new ideas to incorporate into my workout, I employed Joe for his help. After finishing his 8-week plan I felt like I got my full money’s worth and more. Some key points I personally took away from the experience were:

1. Treating your body like a science experiment and taking detailed notes and holding yourself accountable with weekly reports that Joe analyzed to set you up for success your following week.
2. Nutrition and how to incorporate it into your workout effectively. Also how to modify your weekly nutrition to hit whatever you’re overall goals are.
3. Cardio and how to incorporate it into your workout effectively. I would personally do a set amount of cardio every now and then and knew it was important, but after working with Joe I feel more confident in knowing how to incorporate it within my weightlifting regiment to get more effective fat burning results.
Overall I was highly satisfied with my experience and would recommend Joe’s services to anyone from novice all the way to professional weightlifting that is looking to get as much out of their workout as possible.
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Wade Clutson

“Extensive research and proven knowledge behind them, they will do everything in their power to help you win”

With the advancement of the internet and the worldwide sharing of data, the fitness industry has long been suffering from a severe case of ‘information overload’, and will only get worse, as time goes on. With so much conflicting hear-say going on, it’s not realistic (or sane) to guess your way into the where you want to be. If you truly wish to succeed in your

body and fitness goals, you need a coach that can observe, analyze and listen to your specific needs, and then tell you exactly & precisely what to do and how to do it.

I attempted to do exactly what I just described: I went through a period of time going at it alone, and then after banging my head against the walls seeing the progress I was making was mediocre at best, I was recommended by a friend to try online coaching. Skeptic at first, I wasn’t sure what to expect, but after seeing the results of 4 weeks of coaching with Cam, I knew I had made the right choice!

That’s where the coaches at LPC come in. With knife-sharp precision, extensive research and proven knowledge behind them, they will do everything in their power to help you win. After more than 6 months together and a *lot* of progress made, I can honestly say I completely trust, and am thankful to be able to work with Cam. 

You simply can NOT go wrong with either coach in LPC!

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Francisco Seixas

“Cam will forge a lasting relationship with you and you will achieve your goals with his guidance”

I have worked with Cam for many months and I can definitely recommend his coaching service. Unlike many other online coaches, Cam is very approachable and you can always get hold of him. He is extremely prompt with his replies and I have never ever waited more than a couple of hours to hear back from him. He is also very supportive and will always prioritize his client’s interests/aim.

Cam will forge a lasting relationship with you and you will achieve your goals with his guidance.

Under his guidance, I have seen my body transform and I can not wait for the final package!

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Sajid Ali

“I’ve had ups and downs in my personal life and Cam has been very understanding”

I’ve had Cam as my coach since March 2016. While I have been under the guidance of other online coaches in the past, none have provided a level of care and attention as much as Cam has. The problem I faced with past coaches was the feeling of indifference on their part. It’s hard to discern whether an online coach actually “cares” for your improvement and wellbeing as opposed to being treated as just another client. Cam has never given off such a vibe or

made me feel reproached in any way. As far as knowledge is concerned, Cam has always answered any questions or queries I’ve had in regards to the dieting and training regimen and backed it up with reputable sources which he implements.

I’ve made tremendous improvements since joining him.

Cam has always emphasized to place his client’s happiness and wellbeing before anything else. I’ve had ups and downs in my personal life and Cam has been very understanding, patient, and will check to see if I was okay when he hasn’t heard from me.

All in all, Cam is a superb coach and I intend to continue with his services for as long as I am able.

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Adam Attia

“Moreover, he is a person of total integrity. A gem for sure”

If you are skeptical of hiring an online / distance person to assist you, please rest assured that

1) you probably could not be more concerned than I was
3) You will not regret working with Cam.
4) You will make progress IF you do what he outlines for you to do.

It really is that simple.
You are welcome to even ask Cam for my personal information if you want to ask me any questions… He is the real deal and he will help you achieve your goals.
We have made so much progress little by little, day by day, week by week and that is because Cam knows what he is doing!!! He will support you through anything each week… Moreover, he is a person of total integrity. A gem for sure.
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Karen Junk

“Without Cams help I wouldn’t be where I am physically and mentally”

Working with Cam was the best thing I could have done, he made me believe I can achieve anything. He has taught me so much and I can credit all my improvements to him, he is by far one of the best coaches out there he truly cares about giving you the best and most accurate way to achieve goals. Also not only did I gain strength and size but also I gained so much inner strength from this man, he is incredible and

smart at what he does I never thought I could achieve what I have but when you are with Cam you truly can achieve anything. Without Cam’s help I wouldn’t be where I am physically and mentally.

Will always be team LPC

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